“A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking

because her trust is not on the branch but on her own wings.”

My younger self always put trust in the branch. I counted on that branch not to break. My happiness, self-esteem and confidence depended upon the branch where I was perched. And every time a branch broke so did I ~ my heart, hopes and confidence in myself. 


Without inner direction, I perched upon many branches that eventually gave way~ law school, friend groups, boyfriends, various career moves and more. My identity and how I valued myself shifted according to who I was spending time with, the grades I was earning in school, who ‘liked’ me and what position or title I held at work. My energy was focused on fitting in, pleasing others and establishing some sort of identity outside of myself.  


In 2003 I began working with high-risk students and got my first glimpse into their intense struggle to make emotionally and physically healthy choices. As their high school English teacher, I wanted to support their personal journey in a deeper way so I pursued a Masters Degree in Education Counseling and Career Development and transitioned into a public school counselor role. Upon transitioning to a traditional high school setting and counseling a variety of teenagers from at-risk to college bound students, I was able to see the myriad of struggles students ages 13-18 were facing with their identity as they navigated the transition from high school into the world of work or college.  The struggles were real, raw and jolting whether it be an emotional upheaval, personal crisis, lack of motivation moving forward, absence of direction or just simply figuring out who they are and where they're going.  

Who am I? What am I doing? And where the heck am I going? became the questions students asked that prompted me to become certified as a Wayfinder Life Coach.  This discipline rounded out my counseling knowledge base with strategies and tools to take the deeper dive into figuring out who you are and uncovering what is truly motivating you to live your very best life while making purposeful decisions along the way.  With a background in school counseling and strong foundation in life coaching, I currently support middle school students as they navigate the tumultuous emotions of adolescence, identifying who they are and learning to love themselves in the process. 

I will teach you how to cultivate and grow from the inside out ~ how to tap into your true self and uncover your true essence, desires and direction.  As branches in life break beneath, you have the inner confidence and direction to redirect and move forward. When the bough breaks, your confidence is in your wings. And when navigating emotions, searching high and low for your happy place and faced with decisions, especially the BIG ones ~ you will know exactly where you want to point your arrow.

Email me for a complimentary 30 minute consultation to see if we are the right fit for each other. I look forward to hearing from you!

Holly is a Certified Wayfinder Life Coach through the acclaimed Martha Beck Institute Life Coach Program. She has been teaching and counseling teens and young adults since 2002 and holds a Masters Degree in Educational Counseling with an emphasis in Career Development.

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