• Holly McClain

“Life’s biggest heartbreak is being untrue to yourself.” - Robin Sharma

It’s been quite a while since I sat and watched an interview that literally drew me in for 45 full minutes! Last week Marie Forleo interviewed Robin Sharma, leadership expert and author. Within the first 5 minutes he identified the “angst” and heartbreak that fills us when we are not listening to that deeper voice inside. I could absolutely identify! And what’s interesting is that this feeling slowly creeps up over time, it’s very subtle at first and grows exponentially as long periods of time pass…years.

We live in a culture where our brain is considered our most valuable asset. Our bodies are merely used to carry our brains around from here to there, meeting to meeting, conversation to conversation. What we fail to recognize is that our body and its feelings are speaking to us as well, telling us something very valuable.

Have you ever walked into an event or group of people and felt or ‘vibed’ the room? That is the wisdom of your body telling you something before your brain has the ability to process and ‘make sense’ of it.

Has your brain ever told you that an opportunity or direction was “the right or prudent things to do”? That it “makes good sense” to go in that direction or pursue that opportunity, career or relationship? But deep inside, your body and your feelings were contradicting that direction in a very subtle way?

We’ve all made “smart decisions” that “make good sense” and “add up”. That reasoning comes from our mind. But often there’s a little piece of us that doesn’t quite “feel it”. In contrast, what happened to you when you made a decision from your heart, your true feelings or your gut? I’ll admit, once I figured out how to make decisions from that deeper, heart-centered place I’ve been led down a path to some pretty blissful experiences.

Let’s encourage our littles, our teens and our young women to listen to the subtle whispers of their feelings, their bodies and that truth that lies so quietly and deeply within.

Check out Marie’s interview with Robin Sharma


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