• Holly McClain

What exactly is Life Coaching?

It’s definitely not a walk in the park...but more like an incredible journey into the woods, and your Life Coach is your trusted guide.

I know the forest. I know it well. I’ve been there myself, so many times over the years. And I’ve walked many girls through it before. We’ve successfully made it down to the river for a swim. We've definitely slipped on rocks along the way, dodged poison oak and even camped there for a while and contemplated her next steps.

At first, she follows me in. I point out pathways, foliage and sights worth seeing. Eventually she decides where she wants to go, what she’s looking for and we weigh the risks and rewards of her trip. Before you know it I’m clearing the brush on her journey, lighting the path with a flashlight at dusk and navigating requests like: “Take me to the waterfall...Let’s find the hidden trail...Teach me the way so I can bring my friends back here.”

We prepared for this journey ahead of time: studied the trails, ran through scenarios and packed necessities. And when the time came we ran into surprises, the unknown and sticky situations where she had to make spur of the moment, gut decisions.

Her life journey has unlimited trail options, so many new things to discover, pitfalls and roadblocks along the way. Helping her prepare, understand the terrain and learn how to make healthy decisions for herself while she’s out there is what a Life Coach does best. I can’t possibly plan and prepare her for every possible life encounter, but teaching her to follow her internal compass, listen to the whispers of her intuition and accurately interpret her thoughts and feelings will absolutely guide her home.


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