• Holly McClain

"What's going on with my daughter? Her emotions are off the charts."

Big emotions can be extremely disruptive. They will disrupt an entire family, school work/grades, friendships and especially parent child relationships. Most of us have never been taught how to interpret our emotions and work with them. Our emotions are telling us something very valuable and calling our attention to listen!

Whether your daughter is known for her big blow-ups or spends too much time isolating in her room, understanding those emotions will help her get comfortable in her own skin.

Emotions are meant to be felt and processed through the body. They are not meant to stick around and stay inside the body for long periods of time. Allow the emotion in, feel it and let it out. Feeling the emotion is where the magic happens - by feeling it, making sense of it and finally processing it we are able to set it free and send it packing! If we haven’t done this and the emotions get bottled up, ignored or stuffed down they will eventually blow up. Internally or externally.

Let’s make peace with those big emotions, learn how to feel them and work them through the body in a healthy way. It’s a skill. It takes practice. And once mastered, it lasts a lifetime.


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