This is an inside job, 

Together we will work on:

  • Understanding feelings and emotions

  • Building confidence and self-love

  • Identifying personal needs and values

  • Finding direction and next steps

  • Developing a healthy relationship with ourselves

  • Managing stress and anxiety

  • Navigating relationships

The end result:

Knowing your true self from the inside out, equipped and ready with a blueprint to create your happiness.

Ready to give it a go?

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What? I Have An Arrow?

1 year package/48 sessions

Where Should I Point My Arrow?

6 month package/24 sessions

My Arrow Needs Sharpening

3 session tune up

"Holly worked with my daughter during

a pivotal time in her life when my oldest daughter was a senior in college and

about to graduate. My daughter was so

confused and stressed out because it

was the first time in her life that she

did not have a plan or steps to follow. 

Holly knew how to ask the right questions

and support my daughter to channel her strengths and interests into finding

a job/career that she would flourish in. 

Holly has such an incredible gift to not only listen without judgment, but to ask the right questions so that you understand yourself so much more." 

- C.S., Los Gatos, California

"I can’t even begin to say how deeply I

appreciate what Holly has brought to my

life. From my first session with her, I could

tell she had an amazing blend of natural

and developed skills that make her a

rare gem in the coaching world.

Holly puts you at ease with her genuine

curiosity and engaging presence.

Her natural listening skills combined

with keen perceptiveness allows her to seamlessly spot issues and address them through a variety of cutting-edge tools.

Her emotional intelligence and somatic background as a counselor leads to

effective and lasting transformational work

for both children and adults. The most

amazing gift Holly brought to me, personally, was her genuine acceptance when I was

going through difficult mid-life questions

and transitions. She could both see and

bring out the best in me, and I always left sessions with profound clarity and peace regarding whatever life dilemma I had

been facing. Holly is more than a coach,

she is a gifted modern-day goddess

with an unexplainable magic touch."

- L.M., Sunnyvale, California

I am 100% remote and
work with clients globally

"Holly serves young women as both an

anchor and a lighthouse. She has the

gift of grounding young women deep

in their own knowing while simultaneously lighting up the way to charter their

own path. She is teaching a whole new generation of women to listen and trust

their most precious guidance system…

their own selves."

- J.M., West Linn, Oregon

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